The French company M.I.D is proud to present their extremely innovative fitting system.
VariacorÒ ,the originality of this internationally patented product is its angle that can vary from 90 to 180°.

The special structure of the
VariacorÒ fitting also offers other advantages, such as a constant section from entry to exit, whatever the angle chosen. Head losses are thus limited, and the fitting can transport fluids and gases, as well as powders, electrical cables, etc.

Retour générale Variacor

VariacorÒ fitting is presently available in a hydraulic product line (HydroVariacor), with a lubrication / modular spraying system (ArrosaVariacor) and a dynamic connection system for fluids and gases (DynaVariacor) , but the innovative nature of this product may also lead to applications in other fields.

The entire team at M.I.D is available for your questions and suggestions.

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