Precision and high pressure spraying system


Our ArrosaVariacor® system allows positioning and steering of any type of spraying nozzle with numerous advantages:


- Easy to install on site, on the machine.

- Modular system, quick assembly, interface with any type of nozzle.

and instantaneous adjustment, positioning is mechanically locked.


- The final installation is rigid even over large spans or great lengths.

- Working pressure higher than 50 bar.

- The flow is guaranteed
whatever the positioning of spraying, head losses on line are limited.

With ArrosaVariacor, you can spray precisely and durably just where you want!

With our ArrosaVariacor®  system, the user can be sure that the nozzle positioning will not be disturbed,

by projections (ejections, chips)
or the fluid pressure,
or rapid shaft moves,
or vibrations.

This product is available in three sizes:
ArrosaVariacor6 for a small flow, ArrosaVariacor10 for an average flow and ArrosaVariacor15 for a strong flow.

All three systems are available in ready-to-use kits and in separate elements.
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The ArrosaVariacor® modular system is based on the use of the  Variacor® coupling. This « rotary » joint can be adjusted in an angle ranging from 90° to 180°. Assembly is simply made by insertion and lock by means of a nut.
Below are some examples of installations*.

List of elements:

A- Rotary joint
B- Tube
C- Interface tube / plastic accessory
D- Telescopic extension/ tube
E- Threaded male coupling
F- Threaded female coupling
G- Interface tube / female threading
H- Steel nozzle
I- Plastic nozzle
J- Tee fitting
K- Interface tube / male threading

Ideal for special machines and tool-machines: multi-spindle lathes, machining and drilling centers, cylindrical grinders, transfer machines, mass production equipment.

* Non exhaustive: thanks to the ArrosaVariacor® system flexibility, any type of combination is possible.

The ArrosaVariacor system is available in three ready-to-use kits or in separated elements, kits specific to your machines:

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Kit ArrosaVariacor15,
High flow, inside diameter 12mm, gas threading 1/2'', reference KAVAL15, containing:

x2 Rotary joint 15 (ref. R15)

x3 Aluminium tube outside Ø 15 length 430 mm (ref. T15430AL)

x1 Interface tube 15 / plastic accessory (ref. IT15AP)

x1 Union 15 /  gas male thread 1/2 (ref. U15MG12)

x1 Union 15 /  gas female thread 1/2 (ref. U15FG12)

x1 Interface tube 15 / gas male thread 1/2 (ref. IT15MG12)

x1 Interface tube 15 / gas female thread 1/2 (ref. IT15FG12)

x1 Tee fitting 15 (ref. RT15)

x1 Telescopic extension 15 length 200 mm (ref. RTT15200)

x1 Plastic nozzle

x1 Instruction manual

Kit ArrosaVariacor10,
Average flow, inside diameter 8mm, gas threadings 1/4'' and 1/2'', reference KAVAL10, containing :

x2 Rotary joint 10 (ref R10)

x3 Aluminium tube outside Ø 10 length 320 mm (ref T10320AL)

x1 Interface tube 10/ plastic accessory (ref IT10AP)

x1 Union 10 /  gas male thread 1/4 (ref U10MG14)

x1 Union 10 /  gas female thread 1/4 (ref U10FG14)

x1 Interface tube 10 / gas male thread 1/4  (ref IT10MG14)

x1 Interface tube 10 / gas female thread 1/4 (ref IT10FG14)

x1 Telescopic extension 10 length 150mm (ref RTT10150)

x1 Tee fitting 10 (ref RT10)

x1 Adaptator female thread 1/4 , male thread 1/2 (ref AG1412).

x1 Plastic nozzle

x1 Instruction manual

Kit ArrosaVariacor6,
Small flow, inside diameter 4mm, gas threadings 1/8'' and 1/4'', reference KAVAL6, containing :

x2 Rotary joint 6 (ref R6)

x3 Aluminium tube outside Ø 6 length 220 mm (ref T6220AL)

x1 Union 6 /  /  gas male thread 1/8 (ref U6MG18)

x1 Union 6 /  gas female thread 1/8 (ref U6FG18)

x1 Interface tube 6 / gas male thread 1/8 (ref IT6MG18)

x1 Interface tube 6 / gas female thread 1/8 (ref IT6FG18)

x1 Tee fitting 6 (ref RT6)

x1 Adaptator female thread 1/8, male thread 1/4 (ref AG1814).

x1 Instruction manual

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(PDF, 800Ko, French/English).

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