Assemble your spraying system in one go!

The internationally patented Variacor® system enables you to assemble spraying systems quickly and easily as well as adjusting nozzle positions efficiently.

Economy: You don't waste time calling a piping specialist or boiler-maker.

Ease to use:
Modular system, no need to weld or glue, as easy as a child's construction model.

: Simple and instantaneous adjustment of nozzle positions. Several accessories and connections available.

Longevity: Sturdy components, rigid system even on large surface areas, standard service pressure 50 bars.

Our products adapt to your requirements, for example:

The SpraVariacor® system is modular, elements constituting an installation gather fast and easily as a game of building for child ! :

SpraVariacor ® uses ball joints in simple and efficient functioning:

These ball joints allow an angled orientation of all attachments such as tubes, interface for spraying nozzles, male thread interfaces, female...
The zone of coverage of a ball joint is a half sphere.

Installations it also make by the use of tubes:
these can easily be cut in the desired length and linked to ball joints, to thread interfaces or to various attachments such as
telescopic extension:

The SpraVariacor® system is fabricated in three sizes, adapted to needs:
"size 6" (small, passage 4mm), "size 10" (standard flow, passage 8mm), " size 15 " (strong flow, passage 12mm).

Available products through kits but also in separated elements.
Standard, accomplished aluminium, other types of material such as the Stainless steel or others type of screw thread such as NPT, Metric exist.

View / download the SpraVariacor® brochure
(PDF, 1.1Mo, French/English/Spanish).

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