Multi-Use Rotary joints: optimisation application / costs!

The RotaVariacor® range of connections allows you to optimise the cost of the « rotary joints » function for your standard applications. Particularly for those that don't have a lot of technical constraints. 

You don't need an expensive 300 bar, 10 000 rpm rotary joint if you only need to pass a fluid through it at 6 bars, with slow rotation.
It is here that RotaVariacor® connections can provide a solution, using products that are reliable, efficient, compact, sturdy and at an optimised cost. 

RotaVariacor® rotary joints are available in a standard product range for a number of applications such as air, water, hydrocarbons, foods, vacuums etc.
Many diameters and connections, for example (not limited):

Other models, materials, characteristics and linking exist.

We can also accomplish any types of rotary unions adapted to your needs, in prototype or series:


Big flow

Small size

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