Segmented pipes: a convincing alternative to standard hoses!

The internationally patented Variacor® system makes it possible to manufacture segmented metal pipes that are functional, efficient as well as innovative.

Economical: last longer than standard pipes, no more premature wear.

Supple: pipe won't buckle even in a vacuum.

Efficiency: optimum flow rate for all pipe curves.

Sturdiness: better resistance to environmental stress, knocks, projections, abrasions, shavings etc.

Easy to use: Less effort caused by the rigidity of the pipe.

Comfort: Pipe positions correctly and no longer twists.

« BoaVariacor » pipes are made to order due to the specification of each application.
Currently available in diameters 6, 7, 11, 16, 25, 40 and 65, the total length is defined by the number of segments and their length.

Overall dimensions, characteristics and part numbers of segmented pipes are as follows:

BoaVariacor® standard pipes are made of aluminium for lightness.  These are suitable for the passage of air, water and oil but they are also available on request in any other material and for various fluids and pressures, please contact us.

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